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A unique course for confidence and imagination building that encourages team spirit, positive attitudes and leadership qualities. Public speaking, elocution and day-to- day social interaction are the prime focus. Poems, Conversational English pieces, improvisations and Choral work are also part of the course



  • Speak with Style anytime anywhere
  • Learn dynamic body language
  • Master team building skills
  • Develop your unique star quality and learn to be a winner
  • Age group: 4 – 13years

There will be an informal, interactive stage performance at the end of this course, after which your child will receive the ‘ACE CERTIFICATE’


THE LITTLE ACTORS CLUB (Age group: 4 to 13 years)

This workshop is designed to set your child’s imagination free through mime, theatre games, drama and improvisation. We allow each child to have as much fun as they can while learning how to act, increasing their ‘Confidence Levels‘ and giving them the freedom for ‘Creative Expression’.

Encapsulated below is what “THE LITTLE ACTORS CLUB” workshop offers.

  • Encouraging team work
  • Building self-confidence and creative thinking skills
  • Creating a non-stressed, non-competitive atmosphere.
  • A fun filled learning experience for the children
  • Workshops designed around ‘free-flowing thought’, improvisation using
    ‘Theatre games’ mime, use of a prop, stage positions, moods etc.
  • Encourages children to think on the spot and expand their creative mind.
  • Very very interactive and creative workshop


CONVERSE AND CREATE (Age group: 2.5 to 4 years)

We have a specially designed course that involves picture conversations, story telling, show and tell and other tools that help the little ones with the English language. We also have fun rhymes that help with correct pronunciation, while adding a fun quotient to the course. No fire cooking, Singing, games and Nursery rhymes are also a part of this course.



SUMMER WORKSHOPS- Maharajas of Mumbai ( 4 – 13 years)

The “Maharajas Of Mumbai” is a story that represents the people of the Islands of Mumbai 300 years ago and how we mirror their lives, even today, in the twenty-first century. Three very mighty Maharajas each ruled parts of the seven islands that today form Mumbai. Each Maharaja had an heir, who was not fit enough to rule their island nation. Join to find out what happens next!!!

SUMMER WORKSHOPS: Mumbai Matters-The Musical

A better tomorrow, a brighter future, a cleaner, safer, greener city – all are achievable through our children.In keeping with Prime Minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat this Summer Raell Padamsee’s Ace has workshops for children, wherein they will enact original scripts that revolve around our city and making it a better place to live. ‘Mumbai Matters’ is the theme and what better way to have your child spend summer than to enjoy acting, increase his/her social skills and learn that Mumbai Matters! And they also get to perform for you, their parents, on stage! Mumbai Matters is a fun Summer Workshop where children get to learn while having fun the entire time. Their confidence levels increase through the final stage performance, their social skills improve through interaction with peers, their knowledge increases through the script they are enacting and they learn a whole lot about acting and letting go of their inhibitions. A wholesome summer workshop that has so much to offer! Coz Mumbai Matters and so do its children!

SUMMER WORKSHOPS: Music and Movement

Fun unlimited: This workshop is designed to set your child’s imagination free through action-based songs like music & movement, free expression through painting, craft, singing & games and develop gross & fine motor skills through music and dance.


Bombay Scottish School, Mahim
Billabong International, Juhu
Billabong International, Malad
Bombay Scottish School, Powai
Camlin Alpha Kids, Andheri
Campion School, Fort
Cathedral Junior School, Fort
Headstart School
Don Bosco School
Gcc Club
Gold Crest School, Vashi
Gundecha School
Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai
Miniland School
Oberoi International School
Rahul International School
Rizvi Springfield School
Rustomjee International School
Ryan International School, Chembur
Ryan International School
Global Education Counsel, Chembur
Ryan International School, Malad
Seven Square Academy
St.Gregorios High School
St.Stanislaus School
Swami Vivekanand International School, Kandivali
Swami Vivekanand International School, Borivali
Billabong International School, Thane
Hiranandani International School, Thane
Universal School, Tardeo
Vivero International School
Walsingham School