Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions presents ‘The Sound of Music’, a musical with music by Richard Rodgers and Hamerstein. Many songs from the musical have become all-time favorites, including the songs, ‘Edelweiss’, ‘My Favorite Things’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’.

In spite of its era and region-specific settings, it has generated interest in people of all age-groups over the years. It appeals to the young students because of the childrens characters. It talks about young love and of war. Of patriotism and culture!

This musical play is going to be a wonderful experience 

Starring :  Meher Mistry, Arunoday Singh, Kunal Vijayakar & Marianne D’Cruz Aiman
Director :  Advait Hazarat
Producer :  Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions
Associate Director & Choreographer :  Karla Singh
Music Director Merlin D’Souza
Vocals Director Marianne D’Cruz Aiman
Choreographer Prince Gupta


What people are saying

It was a great show and, I loved every moment of it. The way even the under-privileged and the handicapped were brought in was superb.  The singing was outstanding. It was a great show.

Anu AgaIndian Businesswoman

Thoroughly enjoyed The Sound of Music! I think it was a great cast, beautiful singers. Loved the way they did the sets, everything!

Nandita DasActor and Director

I think the performances were absolutely spectacular. It’s been an absolutely wonderful production. Singing was absolutely divine and the production all over has been absolutely, absolutely amazing.

Dalip TahilIndian Film and Television Actor and Theatre Personality

For me, the high point of the great production of Raell, was the fact that so many NGOs were involved. Inclusiveness in a city like Mumbai is very important, people who are not of the same platforms or privileges got to be a part of something like this.

Shobhaa DeRenowned Author & Columnist

It was breath-taking in terms of the show itself: the performances, the singing, the choreography, the sets, the stage management but also the embedded conception and administration of several hundred young people, some of them blind and talented. Quelle achievement!

Gerson da CunhaFormer advertising man, Indian stage and film actor, social worker, and author

It was one of the nicest productions of Raell. Every show of Raell’s is such a great success as she brings people from all walks of life into it, to act in it from every school and corner and underprivileged children and the overflowing love in her heart.

Meher MoosOne of India’s most inspiring woman, Traveller