“One Out of Six”, is one of the funniest plays ever written in the history of the English Theatre. It has had audiences hysterically rolling in the aisles around the world. It deals with a self serving, pompous dry cleaner who is forced to re-evaluate his life when his wife rebels against his ways by running off with his own brother. Joe Pereira heads to New York seeking the sympathy of his son Melvin. Instead of comfort, Joe gets more chaos when he discovers his son has been hiding a lover who just happens to be a man. Broadminded as he prides himself on being, Joe simply cannot come to terms with his son being gay. He recruits a young girl from a nearby mall to help rectify the situation, with hilarious consequences. To add a further spin to an already topsy turvy situation, Joe’s wife runs away from the brother she ran away with and decides to visit Melvin in New York. How will Joe react when he sees her? What will she do when she finds out that her beloved Melvin is gay? Will Melvin accept his father’s shenanigans? Will Rock the lover succumb to the charms of the young girl?

Get ready for a side splitting evening that provokes thought by provoking laughter.

Starring: Cyrus Broacha, Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Aman Uppal, Jeanine Advani and Parinaz Jal

Produced by: Raëll Padamsee

Directed by: Karla Singh