Raëll Padamsee’s Numero Uno Productions brought back to India supernatural entertainer ‘LIOR SUCHARD’ who captivated hearts once again as he wowed Mumbaikars with 2 new spectacular shows at NCPA and St. Andrews on 7th and 8th November, 2014. Lior Suchard actually managed to read mega superstar Hrithik Roshan’s mind .. and guessed what he would draw even before he drew it.. ..In the picture below, the larger drawing is the one Hrithik drew and the smaller one is what Liordrew even before Hrithik put pen to paper.. truly Supernatural!!

The acts performed by Lior left the audience absolutely spellbound as they were beyond imagination. Mind reading was at its ultimate best and this time Lior, along with reading people’s minds, perfomed acts like bending spoons without touching them. From calculating random numbers to witty poker acts to making a replica of ones imagined drawing, from guessing words from random newspapers to mind reading someone’s first pet, are just a few feats to name. The finale of the showwas to watch out for as each audience member was left speechless and Lior received umpteen praises and standing ovations.

Lior also performed after each show at the special ‘meet and greet’ section for select audiences where he again mesmerized them with his unbelievable feats. From flipping spectacles to bending forks along with answering all their questions,he also encouraged a 14 year old boy who said he wanted to be a magician! This man is truly a mentalist par excellence. Hrithik Roshan,Zayed Khan and thier kids were awestruck by his acts. Tanuja and her daughter Tanisha were all praises of Lior. Arzan Khambatta,Rhea Pillai,Shwetha Nanda,Kajaal Anand,Rukshana and Mustaha Eisa were all left spellbound by the Lior Suchard Experience