Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions presents, ‘ELVIS-Long Live the King!’ the best Elvis Presley tribute show you’ve ever seen in India. Get all set to groove and move to Elvis’s’ greatest hits – ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Love me tender’ and many more.
‘ELVIS- Long Live the King!’ is India’s first tribute show celebrating all the music of Elvis Presley, engaging audiences with an uplifting and authentic, Elvis experience.
On stage, our very own enigmatic Siddharth Meghani has the total package – the look… the sound… the charisma, and together with his superb ‘Live Band’. This show will take the audience across a journey in the life of Elvis with the help of stunning visuals on Led Screens, backing vocalists and glitzy rhinestone costumes that will give a truly authentic Las Vegas experience.
ELVIS- Long Live the King! is definitely a show for the entire family! Get “all shook up” with a tribute show to the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll-Elvis Presley
Starring: Siddharth Meghani And his Live Band
Director: Karla Singh


What people are saying

I loved the show, to watch Elvis, my friend Siddharth perform the best Elvis in person and at St. Andrews Bandra, is even more special because I think there’s something great about  this part of town that kind of really makes this entire vibe come alive. What was really amazing about the show is that the audience and us were searching for something that we had all lost. It was a wonderful journey and trip down memory lane and it kind of infused us all with a great great deal of nostalgia and made us kind of crave for times that were innocent, pure and just so full of memories and my salutation to the entire crew and to Karla and Raell of course and of course Sidd! You are the king. Fantastic ! Thank You.

Pooja BhattIndian Film Director Actress, Model and Film Maker

I loved the show and I have to say, Elvis is the only star poster that ever appeared in my room all of my life, so I am completely on top of the world to be here for the Elvis Show and it was absolutely fantastic.

Anupama VermaModel, Actress, and Television Personality

Wow, what a lovely rocking evening and I must say Elvis has always been our all time favorite and this show was especially special for my aunts who are great fans of Elvis and he was their idol during their time’s and mine too so we had a great time and I am happy I could bring these two lovely ladies to watch this show and enjoy themselves and dance on the chair sitting down which was the best part of it. Thank You

Poonam SinhaIndian Cinema actress

Really loved the show. We are huge fans of Elvis, the rock star and all the songs, he is a legend. All the songs are super super favorites, especially Jail house rock. I think nothing can beat that. We had a wonderful time.

Bhavikk SangghviAstro Numerologist & Gemologist

It was a stellar performance. I had my feet tapping off my seat most of the time and I am back in love with Elvis and such a memorable performance and I wish the show all the best. Waiting for many more rounds.

Nilesh Talreja Co-Founder of Unconventional Crafts & Ideas
I am an Elvis fan, I couldn’t get my eyes off the stage and I know all the Elvis songs. I do not have the energy of what they were doing but I did dance with one of the girls that came up. I loved it! Very nice.
- Dolly ThakoreIndian Theatre Actress

Wonderful! I was jumping in my seat. Although, I am very bad at dancing but then the feet were automatically moving which sort off proved that I loved the show. It was wonderful.

Blue suede shoes is my favorite & lot of others. There was not a single song which I din’t like. I think he’s got a magical voice and the persona just comes through. I think he lives Elvis literally through him

-Arzan KhambataArchitect & Sculptor

I enjoyed the show very much because of the glamour, the glitz, the girls coming and doing their bit, public going mad and getting crazy on stage. It was fun fun fun all the way.

- Meher MoosOne of India’s most inspiring woman, Traveller