“Broken Images” is a psychological thriller that rips the mask off a celebrity. The twenty-first century is the age of the electronic image. From every corner of our world, electronic images fling themselves at us, entertaining, educating, enticing & offering us a virtual world.

Manjula Sharma is not a very successful Hindi short-story writer. She suddenly becomes wealthy and internationally famous by writing a best-seller in English.

The question haunting Manjula is, whether in opting for the global audience, has she betrayed her own language and identity?

Now, without warning, it’s her own “image” that decides to play confessor, psychologist and inquisitor.

Cast: Shabana Azmi

Written By: Girish Karnad

Directed By: Alyque Padamsee

Produced By: Raëll Padamsee’s Ace Productions

What people are saying

Cleverly written, wonderfully performed. Don’t know how Shabana Azmi does it.The timing is excellent

Mira NairFilm Maker