A dynamic evening of theatre, where critically acclaimed Lushin Dubey plays 18 roles in ‘Aruna’s  Story’, a theatrical adaptation of  Pinki Viranis hard hitting book, based on the life of  Aruna Shanbaug, and portraying both this remarkable woman, and the perpetrator of the brutal rape that, not just extinguished her life, but led to a profound re-examination of the very right to life and death with dignity.

After the performance, we will have an interactive discussion between the audience and our special guests from the different arms of the government, but also representative NGOs.

Starring: Lushin Dubey

Scripted for Stage & Directed: Arvind Gaur



I can’t tell you how moved I was. I think Lushin, my aunt was absolutely mesmerizing in the show. Arvindji’s direction was fantastic had me very much glued to the stage. I am feeling very proud, very overwhelmed, loved watching it at The Royal Opera House.

- Ira DubeyIndian TV, Theatre & Bollywood Actress

I found the play very moving. Since I have read the book, I was trying to follow whether the play was following the book. It’s not always easy but it brought out the entire tragedy of the episode that happened. And of course, the acting was just great, I mean she just brought out the character so well.

- Nandini SardesaiEducator & Social Activist